At Vedanth Industries, We are at the forefront of providing End to End solutions for all your CNC and custom manufacturing needs. Here are our core services.

Manufacturing solutions

Any component which can be designed can be manufactured but in vedanth industries we will help our clients to ease the manufacturing of their components by giving them relevant solutions which will result in reduce time and increase their production.

Design optimizations

We offer design optimization services to help our clients in finding the best design parameters that satisfy the design intent by using some techniques like Design of experiments (DOE), etc.

Product development

You have problem then we will make a product for you. At Vedanth Industries we offer product development services like:

  • Building custom machine for your needs.
  • Manual to automation.
  • SPM

Component manufacturing and Assembly

With component machining, we also offer our clients with the assembly facility which will help them in reducing transportation cost, reduce final assembly time, reduce lead time and increase productivity